Mugs in Progress

One of my first big projects now that the new wheel throwing space is set up, is a set of custom mugs for my friend Jen. She owns and teaches at Blue Plume Studio, and always has tea available for her students. Her current set of mugs is not handmade, and has lost a few of its members to sudden falls on the hard floor. About a year ago we were talking about how she needed handmade mugs once I had access to pottery wheels again, and I’m really happy to finally get a chance to make them!

Basic shapes fresh off the wheel!
Stamping her studio logo into the barely-dry-enough clay


The bottoms were still really soft, so they had to dry upside down for a while before finishing
Drying before the bisque firing

The mugs just came out of the bisque kiln today, and I’m waiting on a shipment of new glazes (should be coming this week). I’m excited to get them glazed and finished – I’ll post pictures when they’re done!


1 thought on “Mugs in Progress”

  1. Love those feathers as I previously posted , should have known they were for our Jen ! Nice job and can’t wait to see the finished product !!


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