Diverse Perspectives

The Diverse Perspectives show in July was, as always, a wonderful event. A beautiful garden setting, tons of art, friends, and family, and a unifying commitment to surviving the Nevada summer heat!

Pottery display using wood crates and small boxes on a blue striped tablecloth. The pottery includes illustrated plates, vases, and jars. There are evergreen trees in the background.

In addition to the ever-lovely Bardy (who is growing into a very well-behaved dog), I also got to meet the neighbors’ new golden retriever puppy, whose name I’ve forgotten. He was extremely fluffy and adorable, and really wanted to get through the fence to the art show where all the exciting people and smells were!

A small golden retriever puppy trying to squeeze his head through a gap in the wire fence. His paw is also reaching through to dig at the dirt on the other side.

On a personal note, I continued to develop and improve my tent set up. This year I have my own (brand new and shiny) 10×10 tent. I also had custom crates made by my wonderful wife – they do double duty for display as well as transporting all the pottery on the long drive to Reno. I was very pleased with how the whole display came together!

Wide view of the same pottery display - two tables with crates and pottery set in an L-shape on a lawn, under a white canopy.

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